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Tankless water heater

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Water heater installation done today

Never run out of hot water again. Before you choose to repair your water heater, let our expert plumber give you all the options you need to know. Sometimes a new heater may be more affordable than a repair. Give B&S A/C Heating & Plumbing, in San Antonio, a call today to discuss your plumbing solutions. 210-473-5117

Professional plumbing services

• Repair or replace your water heater

• Repair boiler systems

• Repair tankless water heaters

• Check gas lines

• Flushing and cleaning

• Install water alarm to let you know if your heater is     leaking

• Install safety shut off

• Install expansion tank on your water heater

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When you need professional service, call Bryan G. Schulze of B&S A/C Heating & Plumbing, who is an expert in the field. Since 1985, he has been perfecting his craft. For 30 years, he has acquired the skills and knowledge necessary for all of your plumbing needs.

We sell Rheem brand water heaters. We can install your new water heater today. Or maybe a tankless heater so you never run out of hot water again.


Using a water alarm will tell you before your heater floods the house and is good to have if your heater is in your attic.


An expansion tank goes on the water heater similar to a shock absorber, where cool water can expand as it heats, preventing over pressuring and damage to your heater.


Enjoy your hot shower again and never worry about running out of hot water. Call today and let's discuss your hot water solutions.